Smart Home Appliances Control

We provide product control technology on PID algorithm, and PCBA products, including customization and development of controller for temperature, humidity and pressure control products, such as fireplace controller, room heater, humidifier, air purifier, air pump SPA, coffee machine. In addition, INTEK also develops and customizes controllers for motor control products, such as mute fans, juicers, BLDC controllers, etc.

  • Loudspeaker

    cp_03 cp_05

    Product Description:

    ·Fully qualified Bluetooth 4.2/3.0/2.1/2.0/1.2/1.1
    ·Low Power
    ·Class 1.5 support (High output power)
    ·SPP, HID, GATT and all LE Bluetooth protocols
  • locker

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  • Gateway

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  • Fireplace controller


  • Heater


  • Water purifier


  • Air-cleaner