Intelligent Nutrition Scale

On the basis of the common scale, the intelligent scale carries the BLE / WiFi module to transmit the data to the mobile APP or intelligent platform for display, and provides more accurate health advice through the integrated cloud big data processing.

Traditional scale + communication module (hardware) + App (software) = intelligent platform server
1. Hardware
In the process of entering the weighing instrument market, we have learned that the main control MCU includes Chipsea, HOLTEK, SDICmicro, etc. They have different MCU algorithms and factories have different preferences for MCU chips. Therefore, we adopt the standard module form, don’t do any data processing, and are compatible with most weighing instrument schemes。
Scale PCBA + standard module = intelligent scale
2. BLE Low Power Bluetooth
Our developed Bluetooth 4.0 with IN-003-BM02 low energy (Bluetooth Low Energy,BLE) technology. Its peak energy consumption is only half of traditional Bluetooth devices, and it further expand market opportunities in healthcare, security system, home entertainment, etc.
   ·Development based on Dialog DA14580
   ·Size 13 * 10.9 * 1.8mm
   ·Operating voltage2.2v-3.0v
   ·Average power consumption 450uA
   ·BQB, ROHS certification, minimum market power consumption Bluetooth module, can do offline sedate function
   ·Application: body fat scale, nutrition scale


As a professional IOT solution company, we provide differentiated services to meet different needs of customers at all levels.
Our advantages:
A. On the basis of the traditional scale, the module has good compatibility and can adapt to different models of MCU, with small module volume.
B. Ultra low power consumption, high-end and sexual price solutions coexist to meet the needs of different levels of customers.
C. For customers to solve from hardware to software, product production one-stop comprehensive service.