Subversion of tradition, intelligent hardware support parent




China's social competition is increasing. Parents' investment in children's education is also increasing. Educational slogans like "improving children's intelligence" and "not allowing children to lose at the starting line" have promoted the prosperity of parent child education market from another aspect. Although all kinds of parent-child classes, such as "parent child education", are everywhere, and the fees are expensive, the market is still full, and the market demand is bigger than the supply. According to the fifth census data in China, the total amount of infants aged 0~3 years old is 70 million, 0-6 is 0-6, and the annual birth rate is about 20000000. The large base, stable growth and renewal have laid a solid foundation for the customer education market. According to the industry estimates, the overall market size of parent child education reached 32 billion in 2013, and it is expected to reach 100 billion in 2020. Nevertheless, China's parent child education market is still in a very primary market, and the market development rate is less than 1%.


There are also many intelligent hardware products for infants and young children in the field of intelligent hardware development. Like Wang fruit of intelligent robot, Sproutling intelligent foot ring, Exmobaby baby pajamas, 360 children guards are a strong user demand for intelligent hardware products, but also many problems. Taking 360 child guards as an example, its awkward appearance, rough workmanship, cheap components, unusable recording functions and snails like after-sale speed have been criticized by consumers. Of course, these shortcomings are also a lot of the common shortcomings of all the intelligent hardware in the parent - child education market, and the real experience of the product has not yet appeared. At present, Chinese Internet giant BAT has in the parent-child market layout intelligent hardware, it is said that the music will also release a parent-child education products in the near future, it is foreseeable that parent-child education market is slowly become active, and gradually become a hotly contested spot "soldier".