The master control board of the family robot, creating a sma




The wisdom family is the root of enjoying the resources of the wisdom community and connecting the construction of the intelligent city. To some extent, the intelligent family is the most basic unit of the life of a wise City, which activates the intellectual growth point of the intelligent community and the wise city. Take the wisdom family as the starting point, make the robot wisdom into every family, facilitate the people, benefit the people as the goal. The robot into the wisdom of the family, like the wisdom of the city need multi-party work together. Smart family is a smart core carrier that needs systematic exploration, layout and deep integration. Robots can make smart families play better.


The "smart home" comprehensive Internet, computing, network communications, sensing and control technology, the future will be closely related to energy, health, security, education and other aspects of people's lives, so the customer experience determines the service in the "smart home" in a very important position, this service far beyond the traditional home appliance service industry after market service, including front-end application service, more general services. How to build "smart family" service industry is the focus shared by the government and enterprises. It determines the direction and speed of the development of smart home industry, and it is also the key for enterprises to seize the opportunity to expand market share and enhance economic efficiency.


Through the development of the robot control board, Shanghai Yi Jing family robot customized with speech recognition and customized broadcast scheme, through the infrared remote control and near-field communication, can be connected to the relevant medical equipment in the home to achieve a unified control and support, formaldehyde, PM2.5 sensor, and the temperature and humidity sensors, real-time monitoring of the home environment to create a comfortable home environment.