1. Bluetooth Low Energy Module

IMW012 is a Bluetooth Low Energy Module designed with digog da14580.
It is a cost-effective, low-power on-chip system (SOC) solution, suitable for Bluetooth low-power applications, it reduces the cost of building network nodes. It has a 32bit MCU RF transceiver, 512KB flash, 16kb SRAM and other powerful supporting resources. It is suitable for low power system, ultra-low sleep current and low power consumption (0.5ua / 420ua) during operation; effective distance of Bluetooth: 30-50m. Power supply working range: 2.2v-3.0v. 
Specification: 13 * 10.9 * 1.8mm
·Low power Bluetooth system
·Mobile accessories
·Sports and fitness equipment
·Consumer electronics
·Health and medical
·Instruments, etc
At present, there are the following app applications: weight scale, human fat scale, instrument, intelligent tape measure, skin moisture tester, thermometer, scanning gun, lighting, intelligent wear, anti-loss device Internet of things products.