Car networking trillions of markets open, Shanghai easy to e


Shanghai Yi Jing has reached a cooperation program with the Hunan University, which is involved in the field of car networking.




Experts said that the development prospect of intelligent automobile industry network is huge, can make our existing automobile industry to expand the scale of one trillion yuan is huge, and can pull 5G, car networking, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware development, new energy vehicles and other fields to achieve rapid development. And the related areas of automobile manufacturing, information technology, transportation services and other areas will usher in a new peak period of development.


It is understood that at present, most of Chinese car enterprises have mastered the functions of remote control parking, automatic cruise, automatic following up, lane keeping, lane changing and autonomous overtaking, and have completed the layout and planning of highly automatic driving target to 2025. The future will introduce intelligent wanglian Automobile standard system, accelerate the key technical standards development, actively participate in the formulation of international standards, norms and formulate suitable for road traffic intelligent network of automobile, perfecting the laws and regulations of traffic accident responsibility, the construction conforms to the conditions of the intelligent automobile network system of laws and regulations. At the same time, to promote the national development plan and major projects, key technology development and industrialization, accelerate the construction of intelligent network of automobile innovation center, accelerate pilot demonstration of intelligent network of automobile.


As an IDH company with rich R & D experience and huge shipping volume, Shanghai Yijing, thanks to its excellent sales and R & D team, and perfect supply chain and strict quality control, has provided high-quality intelligent rearview mirror hardware solutions for the related customers of the vehicle network. In order to fully participate in the field of vehicle networking, Yijing has reached an industry university research cooperation plan with Hunan University, and has accumulated a lot of technology accumulation for future research based on vehicle networking.