Shanghai easy to release intelligent electric heating temper


After nearly ten years of construction and development of intelligent temperature controller, our intelligent temperature controller has initially formed an industrial system with relatively complete product categories and a certain scale of production and development capability. It has become the second largest instrument producing country in Asia besides Japan. From the market demand, the demand of China's industrial automation market is increasing. According to the China Instrument and Instrument Association, by the end of 2018, the demand for industrial automation market will exceed 100 billion yuan.




The intelligent temperature controller developed by Shanghai Yi Jing design has the characteristics of intelligence and customization. It can realize remote control by connecting WiFi app with mobile phone, and upload the energy data of device running data and equipment to cloud platform. The temperature controller has built-in temperature sensor, the accuracy is + 0.5 degrees, and it has the function of low temperature protection (temperature range 5 ~15, c) and high temperature protection (temperature range 30 C ~90 C). At the same time, Yi Jing has excellent industrial design team to provide the appearance design plan, intelligent temperature controller's design is simple and generous, and the panel has no screen to interact with the lights.