Follow the "Internet plus" national strategy, Yi Jing to


After many years of rapid development, China has been the largest manufacturing country in the world, and has increased its influence on global manufacturing industry. However, with the deep adjustment of the global economic structure, China's manufacturing industry is facing industrial upgrading.


Industrial upgrading is the most important part of industrial development in recent years. At present, the strategy of industrial structure adjustment and Optimization in China is mainly the following four points:


1. towards the end of the value chain: 3 aspects including intelligent manufacturing, one is to develop a number of intelligent products, such as industrial robots more intelligent; two is the production and management process of intelligence or information, use of information technology in all aspects of production and operation management, greatly improve the efficiency and benefit; three Networking Industry Internet or established at the enterprise level, to achieve full information exchange and sharing.

2. adjust and optimize the product structure: even if the industry is generally difficult, it can also be upgraded through the upgrading of the product structure. For example, the overall cement industry is negative growth, the industry has been very obvious difficulties, but some of the industry to do cement products has a good momentum of development. The same situation also appears in the special steel industry, the production of special steel enterprises have also presented a relatively good momentum of development.

3. emerging industries such as: increase the proportion of Guizhou has put the monitoring on the traffic system of all data, the future also plans to build a data center, also features food, light industry, strategic emerging industries, including electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing and other proportion in ascension.

4. "Internet +" and upgrading of traditional industries: the intelligent Home Furnishing as an example, the pursuit of higher quality of life now, people are no longer satisfied with using only traditional home appliances, thanks to the "Internet plus" the traditional home appliances and mobile phone remote control function to realize the interconnection of wisdom, automatic detection etc.. The Jingdong, Haier and other home appliances interconnected platforms make people manipulate all the smart home appliances on the same platform.

Industrial upgrading is a key moment in the industrial pattern, easy to view in recent years also responded positively to the "Internet plus" national strategy, followed by the networking development strategy, and constantly develop a series of "Internet plus" intelligent products, such as blood pressure meter, intelligent temperature controller, intelligent meter, intelligent machine translation, intelligent vehicle rearview mirror the development of intelligent hardware products etc.. And to carry out the cooperation between production, learning and research, and actively cooperate with the local government.