The wearable industry will be in the 2 era, leaving the mobi



IDC's quarterly report on China wearable device market, the first quarter of 2017 shows that in the first quarter of 2017, China's wearable device Market shipped 10 million 350 thousand units, an increase of 20.3% over the same period. Among them, with the support of bracelet, children's watch and intelligent running shoes as the representative, the wearable devices increased by 19% compared to the same period. The smart wearable devices based on smart watches increased by 32.3% compared with the same period last year. It is reported that the shipments of China's children's watch market are up to 3 million 510 thousand, up 64.9% from the same period. After the high speed development period of last year, the market will usher in the phase of upgrading from 2G to 4G products this year.


Nowadays, the public awareness of wearable smart devices is increasing rapidly, and there are higher requirements and demands for the products. In the past, the sticking point of wearable devices is to be tied up by factors such as function and network, and can't be used independently from mobile phones. Therefore, it is inevitable that the final products will be idle. Experts point out that with the wearable equipment industry moving from 1 into the 2 era, the independent use and scene of the mobile phone has become an irreversible trend. On the one hand, the user's consumption concept is becoming more and more mature. The location of wearable devices is no longer "accessories of mobile phones". Instead, they hope that the wearable devices have independent communication modules and can be used independently of other devices, such as mobile phones. On the other hand, due to the different sports preferences of consumers, users prefer to collect different motion data through different sports scenes such as running, mountaineering, bicycling and swimming in wearable devices, so as to make more detailed analysis and evaluation of motion data.


From 1 to 2, wearable devices will have to go through an explosive growth again. To seize the potential opportunities and seize the market opportunities, Shanghai Yijing has successfully tested the water in the wearable market, and has developed a number of smart bracelets that can measure blood pressure for a government pension project. The scheme is characterized by real-time monitoring of the blood pressure and heart rate of the elderly, and the data will be uploaded directly to the community medical service station, and the data will be observed when the data are abnormal. In addition, it has practical functions such as stepping, falling detection, taking medicine to remind, one key call for help and so on. At the same time, Yi Jing is also constantly studying various technologies in the field of wearable products, hoping to provide the most advanced solutions for wearable device brands.