Children's smart products have a wide market and a scale of


In recent years, with the rapid rise of mobile phones and tablets and other products, the products of children's consumer goods are becoming more and more abundant. Remember that when we were small, we were still playing with building blocks, and dolls, such a simple little toy, are now becoming more and more intelligent products.


According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, the population of 0~14 years old in China was over 230 million by the beginning of 2017. In 2016, the size of the children's consumer market was about 2 trillion yuan, and the market for children's intelligent products reached hundreds of billions of levels, showing a trend of rising year by year. In the face of such a huge market, intelligent hardware development enterprises are also quick to start "rush to log in". Intelligent learning machines, smart watches, intelligent toys and other children's intelligent products are also emerging.


Data analysis indicates that the north and Guangzhou Shenzhen are the most demanding regions at present. Because of the well-developed relationship, parents are more likely to accept children's intelligent products instead of traditional products to enter their homes. The face of such forms, Shanghai Yi Jing through years of exploration and innovation, research and development of a new generation of children accompanying ONEGO robot (robot Wang fruit). The intelligent family escort robot on the market can not be separated from the basic functions of parent-child video chat, tele monitoring, speech recognition and so on. In general, every family has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is generally believed that the intelligent robot in the field of children must have the elements of sensation, movement and thinking. But everything should be made for the fun of temperature. The last point is particularly important, so the energy and financial resources that ONEGO put in in this respect are far from the general team. In the patent, Wang fruit currently has 5 national patents, covering the three aspects of mechanical transmission device, design, software function, and continue to apply for a new patent.


Shanghai Yi Jing will closely follow the market of children's intelligent products, continue to focus on the field of children's intelligent hardware, provide more interesting products to children through light intelligence and fun, and set up a certain core technology threshold. Do some small and beautiful products and grow up happily with children!