Easy to go deep into the technology of Internet of things, h


Since last year, Shanghai focus on supply side reforms, further formed the overall layout strategy of the construction of new wireless city "1235", namely "main line of work, two goal, three tasks, five systems", "five systems" include the new built orderly linked network system concurrence.


Shanghai is speeding up the realization of the full coverage of low power city physical union network including NB-IoT, LoRa and many other technologies. We support the establishment of the Internet of things operation participants who form social capital participation, create an open and compatible platform for operation of the IOT, and focus on urban management and people's livelihood services to carry out scale and key application demonstration. Construction of the test bed and functional service platform, the agglomeration of related enterprises to promote the development of the industry.


In May 15th, Chinese Unicom took the lead in the country announced the launch of NB-IoT network commercial trial in Shanghai city and to achieve coverage throughout the city, to promote the wisdom of application of NB-IoT technology in government management, social and livelihood, innovation and other aspects of the landing, to help the city management and public services and improve the quality of people's livelihood.


Recently, Jingan District historic building, the old Shimen Street intensive two King West District more than 100 residents, become the first users of smart smoke alarm ". This is the intelligent smoke product based on NB-IoT technology that Shanghai Unicom took the lead in deploying, and realized the commercial operation of public fire service. Based on the technology of Internet of things, intelligent products have the characteristics of low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost and large connection. It solves the pain and bottlenecks of similar products in distance, relay, gateway router and energy consumption in the existing market.


In recent years, Shanghai's easy scenery has also been deeply studied in the field of Internet of things, and has accumulated a certain amount of technology in Bluetooth, communication, NB-IoT, LoRa and other technical fields. For example, based on MTK, Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, RK and other mainstream chip platform to develop customized intelligent home appliances control panel, the development of intelligent instrument module, robot control board etc.. The intelligent meter module has been successfully applied to the intelligent meter developed by the national construction department, which is used in the transformation project of the national electric meter.