The market of intelligent door locks is in the start period


Driven by the hot market in the smart home market, intelligent door lock is in the start of the market, participants compete in the layout, the market competition is fierce.


Limited by the user's consumption concept and the relatively high price of smart locks, smart door locks are first applied in high-end residential buildings, and are widely used in offices, banks, government agencies and other B end users. As the concept of smart home is becoming more and more popular, more and more ordinary users are coming into contact with smart home products. Smart door lock products are gradually concerned by users due to their high security performance of electronic locks, fingerprint locks, and the C terminal market has entered the early stage of market.


The current smart locks market dragons and fishes jumbled together with low market concentration, lack of brand, the head, and the lack of standards has also led to various Home Furnishing internet intelligent products become information islands, with intelligent Home Furnishing system gradually, smart locks will access to more intelligent life in the scene.


Shanghai is also dedicated to providing smart door lock manufacturers with cost-effective intelligent modules. The smart door lock module can be implemented on the basis of Bluetooth module, WiFi module or GSM/CDMA communication module, so as to realize the docking of APP software and hardware devices, and the size package meets all market needs. Yi Jing also provide design beautiful appearance, cool door structure according to the customer demand, to achieve the overall product design complete.