1. IN-003-BM01 Bluetooth Low Energy Module

IN-003-BM01 is low power (ble) data transmission module, highly integrated with blue
Low power RF, protocol stack, profile and application program are used in system level chip da14580 (built-in Bluetooth + armcortex-m0), which not only does not need external MCU, but also provides enough I / O for hardware design and program development, and it is very suitable for systems requiring ultra-low power consumption.
Category: Bluetooth
Tags: BLE, Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth 4.2, Module
Product Description
·Bluetooth 4.1 low power module;
·RF characteristic TX power: - 20dbm to 0dbm RX Sensitivity: - 93dbm;
·Effective distance of communication transmission: 30m;
·Processor 16mhz 32-bit armcortex M0 with SWD interface;
·32KB OTP flash memory 42K SRAM 84KB ROM 8KB reserved SRAM;
·Operation voltage: Typical value of working voltage: 3.0V, recommended range: 2.5v-3.3v;
·RF transceiver: 3V power supply, ideal TX: 3.4ma Rx: 3.7ma;
·Small form factor for easy integration: 9.85mm*7.85mm*2mm;
·medical and health equipment;
·Internet of things(IOT) node equipment and gateway;
·Industrial automation equipment;
·Smart remote control (including voice recognition);
·Mobile app control interactive toys;
·Home intelligent equipment