The application of the Internet of things in the field of in


The Internet of things makes the application of the Internet of things in the field of intelligent medical care escort in the medical industry. In addition to improving the quality of medical care, the efficiency of hospital management can be strengthened. Set the relevant sense in hospital building test equipment and network system, immediate communication system, wireless remote transmission technology, can accurately collect medical equipment, medicine, environment, personnel information information, through the BigDATA output can be used effectively, hospital managers in the medical and nursing of disease and three parties the interactive mode of the efficient and safe linkage formed between hospital departments, medical equipment, medical institutions.


The Institute's own research team has also applied the research and application of the Internet of things and cloud computing to medical or execution. For example, the physiological signal measuring patch, the cloud end sphygmomanometer... And so on, through the development and application of the equipment, and then to the hospital to carry out the clinical test of the situation verification. However, at the present stage of the development of the Internet of things is to all kinds of digital medical information, the use of networking technology, can make the limited medical resources to allow more people to share, from the current development of medical information will be able to see the future, real-time tracking of health information in the family, and then through the Internet of things, you can achieve the hospital for the patients or real-time diagnosis and health alert sub-health patients, so as to effectively reduce and control the patient's condition deteriorated.


With the development of mobile Internet, presumably in the future will also move toward medical mobile applications, such as smart wristbands, smart health capsules, intelligent detection products will be widely used in medical care and people's livelihood environment, with the help of smart handheld terminals and sensors, measuring and effective transmission of health data. The main board of medical robot completed by Shanghai Yijing research and development board can connect the related medical devices at home to achieve unified control, support formaldehyde, PM2.5, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity. It can be applied to medical robot to achieve family medical care.