China Mobile released the white paper on the mobile IOT indu


Automatic reporting home gas data, remote switch valve, accurate buried geomagnetic record vehicle charging, parking under the transparent access state, automatically adjust the remote timing control lamps, a new smart city is a new generation of things into our life and production based on.


China Mobile released the "mobile Internet industry solutions white paper" around the networking technology, expounds that China Mobile in the smart city, intelligent transportation, industrial energy, science and technology, agriculture, medical and health financial wisdom seven vertical industry of mobile networking solutions from the 4 aspects of the industry pain points, solution, application prospect the scene and the development, to shift animal networking applications in vertical industries conducted in-depth analysis and research. At the same time, China Mobile and 6 enterprises released a mobile networking cooperation, China Mobile will follow-up with customers across industries in the wisdom of the city, box positioning, intelligent Home Furnishing, 4, industrial oil, gas meter and intelligent forest fire monitoring and other areas of the depth of cooperation, to build mobile Internet industry solutions, implementation greatly enhance the production efficiency of the industry.


In response to the policy of the state and the operators of the Internet of things, Shanghai's landscape is also ploughed in all fields of the Internet of things. For example, for the upgrading of traditional instruments, the intelligent instrument scheme is built for the sharing of bicycles, and the location module of burglar and anti lose is customized for the elderly, and the elderly blood pressure bracelet is customized for the elderly. In addition, it has made some achievements in intelligent vehicle, smart home appliances, intelligent public utilities and other fields. We hope to continuously cooperate with brand customers and operators to provide more opportunities for all industries to achieve interconnection.