According to the industry research report, the market size of the intelligent controller in 2020 will reach 1 trillion and 550 billion yuan, and the growth rate will reach 8.2% in the next 5 years.

In 2017 the government work report clearly put forward to expand the consumption of smart Home Furnishing, major manufacturers also have the layout of the smart Home Furnishing, Qingdao Haier and Alibaba cooperation to promote the intelligent Home Furnishing, beauty appliances, radio and television group and many other manufacturers have more intelligent Home Furnishing in their respective fields, the local time on June 5th, held the twenty-eighth Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC HomePod, intelligent speaker being sought. Smart home is a whole concept. It is a typical representative of the application of the Internet of things. It is composed of the Internet, intelligent control center and intelligent terminal. The control center is usually intelligent control platform, providing automatic control and terminal control function, each sensor can receive information through the network and receive instructions or automatic control of intelligent home appliances terminal control center at present, there are two forms, one is there intelligent host in the form of a network exists in the cloud platform. Form, users control and related information through the mobile phone APP feedback. Smart terminals include smart appliances and related sensors. All of these products are the main downstream products of intelligent controller. The hot industry of smart home will bring new opportunities for the development of intelligent controller industry.

With the expansion of the market for intelligent household appliances, Yi Jingye, Shanghai, has taken the lead in the development of the intelligent kitchen appliances control board. The scheme is based on the RK3368 platform, and can use WIFI and Bluetooth to realize the control connection between kitchen appliances and mobile phones. The main board of high performance kitchen appliances can run the latest algorithm of image recognition and speech recognition, and can also run custom developed kitchen APP application software, making kitchen appliances more humane.